• Periscope House

    Residence | Zushi, Kanagawa | 2010

    A single-family residence located in a typical residential area, where two-story wooden houses are densely built. In order to obtain fine living environment while giving a minimum impact on the surroundings, we proposed a plan in which three volumes of the bedroom with the opening turned for the south are pulling out from the roof level as if they were a set of periscopes. In this way, the house not only acquires a great deal of sunlight and good views within a dense urban milieu, but also a generous common space that connects the first and the second floor together. Each interior space is gently articulated by the different floor level, allowing various and creative spatial usages.

    *In collaboration with Toshimitsu Kuno.
    *Published in Shin-kenchiku JT, July 2010.
    *Published on ArchDaily and Archello.

  • Name: Periscope House

    Program: Single Family Residence

    Location: Zushi-shi, Kanagawa

    Design Architect: Toshimitsu Kuno + Tomoro Aida (Kuno Lab. / Nagoya City Univ.
            Graduate School of Design and Architecture + Aida Atelier, Inc.)

    Executive Architect: Toshimitsu Kuno + Tomoro Aida (tele-design + Aida Atelier, Inc.)

    Structural Engineer: Takeyuki Gaino (G.DeSIGN)

    Contractor: Seiko-kensetsu

    Design: 08/2008 - 07/2009 (12 months)

    Construction: 08/2009 - 02/2010 (6 months)

    Structure: Wooden Frame   Floor: Two Levels

    Site Area: 114.00m2 (34.48 tsubo)

    Floor Area: 1st Floor 52.30m2 | 2nd Floor 56.54m2 | Total 108.84m2 (32.92 tsubo)

    Height: 6,930mm

    Photography: Tatsuya Noaki